Try to stay still for your bone portrait.

I was recently at the dentist for a check-up and they had a chart on the wall, kind of like this one here.  In short it tells you how much radiation you’re exposed to when you engage in different activities.  For example flying from New York to Los Angeles exposes you to about the same amount of radiation as eight dental X-rays.  Believe it or not, flying exposes you to an increased amount of radiation coming from space.  A single flight across the ocean is no big deal but long-term elevated radiation exposure can increase your risk of some kinds of cancer, and it’s why workers that are exposed to elevated levels of things like X-rays are monitored to make sure exposure is kept to a minimum.

It got me thinking, while I listened to the slow and steady suction of spit from my oral cavity, “I wonder if Lois Lane, would have to wear a radiation safety badge?”  I am totally unsure about the radiation output Continue reading